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Prodigal - Are You Ready!
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United States
Prodigal «Are You Ready!»
List of songs:
01. The Darkness
02. Cold World
03. Are You Ready
04. Revelation Stew (Hail the Messiah)
05. The Road Once Traveled
06. He Loves You
07. Trial by Fire
Prophecy - Foreseen Scriptures
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United States
Prophecy «Foreseen Scriptures»
List of songs:
01. Foreseen Scriptures
02. Infinite Deception
03. Buried In Brimstone
04. Being Consumed
05. Infuriate
06. Redemption
07. Thy Reach Within
08. The Awakening
09. Eye Of The Pit
10. Our Domain
BadName - Are You Ready for Me
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BadName «Are You Ready for Me»
List of songs:
01. Are You Ready for Me
02. Don't Waste My Time
03. Bunnyboy
04. Rusty Nails
05. Bad Day Boogie
06. Moonshine Road
07. Hurley Burley Woman
08. Cowboy Song
09. Gates of Hell
10. Bonfire
Bastards Of Dirt - Retroactive
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Bastards Of Dirt «Retroactive»
Genre: Hard Rock
List of songs:
2.Spiderweb Blues
4.Judas In The Sky
5.Dance Of Death
6.Rock'n'Roll Is Back
7.The Only One
Infinite Sleep - Hope Less
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United States
Infinite Sleep «Hope Less»
List of songs:
3.Movie Life
4.A Guide To Recognizing Your Saints
5.The Hole You're In
7.The Good Guy
8.Santa Carla
9.Old Crook
10.The Turndown
11.Blue Ruin
12.Once We're Warriors
Jelly Fiche - Comme au dernier jour
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Jelly Fiche «Comme au dernier jour»
List of songs:
01. Comme au dernier jour (4:21)
02. Je recommence zro (4:53)
03. Pigeon de ruelle (3:55)
04. Dans le gris des avenues (4:09)
05. Eau bleue (5:55)
06. Le 28 avril (4:37)
07. Marylyne (3:45)
08. Fentre ouverte (10:48)
Mantra Machine - Heliosphere
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Mantra Machine «Heliosphere»
List of songs:
1. Hydrogen (09:20)
2. Atmos (10:45)
3. Delta-v (08:19)
4. Heliosphere (14:47)
Mudfuck - Unforgivable
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United States
Mudfuck «Unforgivable»
Genre: Metalcore
List of songs:
3Trash Man
4Blue Life (feat. JJ Polachek)
Skrik - Skeleton
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United States
Skrik «Skeleton»
List of songs:
3Rat Park
5Lose It
10Nothing (Bonus Track)
Follakzoid - I
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Föllakzoid «I»
List of songs:
1. I (17:00)
2. II (13:00)
3. III (17:00)
4. IIII (13:00)
Phil Lanzon - 48 Seconds
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United kingdom
Phil Lanzon «48 Seconds»
List of songs:
01. Azura's Theme (Instrumental)
02. In The Rain
03. Forty Line
04. Rock N Roll Children
05. Blue Mountain
06. Look At The Time
07. Road To London
08. You Can Make A Living
09. Face To Face
10. 48 Seconds

Line Up:
Phil Lanzon – Keys and lead vocals (Uriah Heep, Grand Prix, John Lawton, Sweet)
John Mitchell – Lead vocals (Arena, Frost, Kino, It Bites)
Andy Makin – Lead vocals
Richard Cottle – Additional keys, Saxes (Charlie, Keats, Alan Parsons Project, John Parr)
Neal Wilkinson – Drums
Adam Goldsmith – Guitar
Mick O’Donohue – Giutar
Miriam Grey – Lead vocals, background vocals
Phoebe Street, Andy Caine, Andy Playfoot – Background vocals
Tom Walsh – Trumpets
Clare Mcinerney – Saxes
Neil Sidwell – Trombones
Chris Haigh – Violin solo
Richard Harwood – Cello solo
Levine Andrade – Viola solo
London Telefilmonic Orchestra – Violin 1, Violin 2, Viola, Cello, Double Bass
The New Roses - Nothing But Wild
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The New Roses «Nothing But Wild»
Genre: Hard Rock
List of songs:
01. Soundtrack Of My Life
02. Can't Stop Rock N Roll
03. Down By The River
04. Nothing But Wild
05. Heartache
06. The Bullet; Running Out Of Hearts
07. Unknown Territory
08. As The Crow Flies
09. Give & Take
10. The Only Thing
11. Meet Me Half Way
12. Glory Road

Bonus Tracks:
13. Down By The River (Unplugged)
14. Fight Your Leaving Me (Unplugged)

4th full length album
the Offering - HOME (Bonus Track Version)
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United States
The Offering «Home»
List of songs:
01. Waste Away (5:37)
02. Lovesick (5:16)
03. Ultraviolence (4:52)
04. A Dance with Diana (5:23)
05. Failure (S.O.S) (5:39)
06. Hysteria (5:54)
07. Glory (4:36)
08. Home (14:42)
09. Violets (Bonus track) (4:26)
Humanity's Last Breath - Abyssal
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Humanity's Last Breath «Abyssal»
Genre: Deathcore
List of songs:
01. Bursting Bowel of Tellus
02. Bone Dust
03. Fradga
04. Abyssal Mouth
05. Pulsating Black
06. För Sorg
07. Like Flies
08. Sterile
09. Being
10. Vånda
11. Rampant
12. Dödgud
Thobbe Englund - Hail to the Priest
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Thobbe Englund «Hail to the Priest»
List of songs:
CD 01:
01. The Sentinel (Judas Priest cover)
02. The Ripper (Judas Priest cover)
03. Reckless (Judas Priest cover)
04. Immortal Sin (Fight cover)
05. Hellbent for Leather (Judas Priest cover)
06. Burn in Hell (Judas Priest cover)
07. Blood Red Skies (Judas Priest cover)
08. Desert Plains (Judas Priest cover)
09. Between the Hammer and the Anvil (Judas Priest cover)
10. Into the Pit (Fight cover)
11. Before the Dawn (Judas Priest cover)
12. I'm a Rocker (Judas Priest cover)
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United States
Genre: Metalcore
List of songs:
01. Ashes
02. Bare Bones (ft. Connor Hallisey)
03. Casket
04. Veins
05. Now That You're Gone
06. Low
07. Don't Wait for Me
08. Incomplete
09. If You Know, You Know
10. Sacred
11. Here at All
Volbeat - Rewind, Replay, Rebound (Deluxe)
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Volbeat «Rewind, Replay, Rebound»
List of songs:
01. Last Day Under The Sun
02. Pelvis On Fire
03. Rewind The Exit
04. Die To Live - Volbeat, Neil Fallon
05. When We Were Kids
06. Sorry Sack Of Bones
07. Cloud 9
08. Cheapside Sloggers
09. Maybe I Believe
10. Parasite
11. Leviathan
12. The Awakening Of Bonnie Parker
13. The Everlasting
14. 7:24

01. Under The Influence
02. Immortal But Destructible
03. Die To Live
04. Last Day Under The Sun
05. Rewind The Exit
06. When We Were Kids
07. Maybe I Believe
08. Leviathan
It Prevails - A Life Worth Living EP
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United States
It Prevails «A Life Worth Living EP»
List of songs:
01. Setting the Fire (2:01)
02. Lair Hill (3:47)
03. The Gift of Clarity (2:57)
04. Toward Liberty (3:36)
Skillet - Victorious
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United States
Skillet «Victorious»
List of songs:
1. Legendary
2. You Ain't Ready
3. Victorious
4. This Is the Kingdom
5. Save Me
6. Rise Up
7. Terrify the Dark
8. Never Going Back
9. Reach
10. Anchor
11. Finish Line
12. Back to Life
As I Lay Dying - Shaped By Fire
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United States
As I Lay Dying «Shaped By Fire»
Genre: Metalcore
List of songs:
01. Burn To Emerge
02. Blinded
03. Shaped By Fire
04. Undertow
05. Torn Between
06. Gatekeeper
07. The Wreckage
08. My Own Grave
09. Take What's Left
10. Redefined
11. Only After We've Fallen
12. The Toll It Takes
blink-182 - Nine
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United States
blink-182 «Nine»
Genre: Pop-Punk
List of songs:
01. The First Time (2:26)
02. Happy Days (2:59)
03. Heaven (3:17)
04. Darkside (3:00)
05. Blame It On My Youth (3:05)
06. Generational Divide (0:49)
07. Run Away (2:27)
08. Black Rain (2:46)
09. I Really Wish I Hated You (3:11)
10. Pin the Grenade (2:59)
11. No Heart To Speak Of (3:40)
12. Ransom (1:25)
13. On Some Emo Shit (3:09)
14. Hungover You (2:58)
15. Remember To Forget Me (3:29)
Russian Circles - Blood Year
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United States
Russian Circles «Blood Year»
List of songs:
1. Hunter Moon (02:20)
2. Arluck (06:33)
3. Milano (06:35)
4. Kohokia (07:18)
5. Ghost on High (02:34)
6. Sinaia (07:30)
7. Quartered (06:39)
Killswitch Engage - Atonemen
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United States
Killswitch Engage «Atonemen»
List of songs:
01. Unleashed (4:35)
02. The Signal Fire (feat. Howard Jones of Light the Torch) (3:05)
03. Us Against the World (3:19)
04. The Crownless King (feat. Chuck Billy of Testament) (3:10)
05. I Am Broken Too (2:39)
06. As Sure as the Sun Will Rise (2:49)
07. Know Your Enemy (3:51)
08. Take Control (3:44)
09. Ravenous (2:52)
10. I Can't Be the Only One (4:09)
11. Bite the Hand That Feeds (4:48)
Alter Bridge - Walk The Sky
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United States
Alter Bridge «Walk The Sky»
List of songs:
01. One Life (1:23)
02. Wouldn’t You Rather (3:49)
03. In the Deep (3:50)
04. Godspeed (4:16)
05. Native Son (4:15)
06. Take the Crown (4:47)
07. Indoctrination (4:40)
08. The Bitter End (3:44)
09. Pay No Mind (4:16)
10. Forever Falling (5:10)
11. Clear Horizon (4:56)
12. Walking on the Sky (4:55)
13. Tear Us Apart (4:31)
14. Dying Light (5:46)

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